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13 April 2018

Where was Taurinia or Taurasia?

Do you know where Taurinia or Taurasia was, the ancient settlement of bullfights, the people who lived in the area occupied by Turin before the Romans arrived? Actually, if they lived in our day, they would have lived in a very trendy, young neighborhood with lots of nice places! If you did not understand where […]

Perché la Mole si chiama "mole"?
18 March 2018

Why is the Mole called “mole”?

Let’s see a review: mole Unit of measurement of the quantity of matter in the international system, of which it constitutes one of the fundamental units of symbol mol. It is defined as the quantity of matter (or substance) of a system that contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in 12 g […]

Con Bici-t scoprirai...dov'era il Ghetto Ebraico
15 March 2018

Where was the Jewish ghetto?

The main center of the Jewish ghetto dates back to 1679, when the regent Maria Giovanna Battista di Nemours, established by decree the creation of the first and only existing ghetto of Turin in Piedmont and the Duchy governed by her until 1723. It was placed in former area of ​​the Hospital of Charity, which […]