Bici-t is a recently established company that offers services for the mobility of people and goods with pedal vehicles.

The Bici-t project was selected by the Facilito Giovani of Torino Social Innovation as an entrepreneurial proposal in the field of social innovation. The objective of Bici-t is to promote a new, more sustainable mobility that will lighten the historical centers from the congestion of motorized traffic, which may also involve tourism, which has grown rapidly in recent years.

Pedal vehicles are in fact an excellent solution for traffic in pedestrian areas or in areas already congested. Bici-t offers a touring service to visit the city on board tricycles, an original and sustainable means.

It also offers the creation of communication campaigns, customizing the walls of the vehicle or using tricycles for the logistics of events and fairs. The entrepreneurial team is made up of Elisa Gallo, Vittorio Bianco, Diego Enrico Panzetta and Giuseppe Piras, a group of professionals who for several years has been working in the field of cycling promotion and cultural promotion projects.

I soci di Bici-t. Vittorio Bianco, Giuseppe Piras, Elisa Gallo, Diego Enrico Panzetta di fronte al Palazzo Civico e al monumento al Conte Verde.