Delivery | Bici-T

Goods delivery by bicycle and cargo bike


Bici-t offers a sustainable and efficient freight delivery service on cargo bikes and bicycles.

We deliver parcels, envelopes, goods, ready meals and fresh food on the streets of Turin, up to a weight of 100 kg per load.


Always mindful of the social, economic and environmental impact of its activities, Bici-t’s cargo delivery service is based on 3 principles:


  •  Respect, for those who ride with us. Work is important and as such should be recognized and valued, with fair and decent compensation.
  • Reliability, we put our legs and heads into the work we do to offer a service tailored to the customer, looking for solutions and logistics that meet specific needs.
  • Sustainability, pedal-powered vehicles, bicycles and cargo bikes, are the most efficient and sustainable means of getting around the city. The future of mobility in Turin also passes through freight logistics with less environmental impact, the enhancement of those who choose it, and proximity commerce.

Who we are addressing

Stores, companies, cooperatives, social enterprises and associations that need to deliver packages, goods of various kinds, in Turin, for ongoing or one-off services.

If you need to organize a delivery service, if you would like to replace or supplement your current traditional delivery system with pedal-powered vehicles, but don’t know how to do it or don’t know if cargo bikes can be right for you, write to us at We will evaluate together the best solution for your case.

Le cargo di Bici-t Possono essere brandizzate con immagine coordinata del cliente
Bici-t consegna cibo in contenitori polibox per il trasporto cibo
Le cargo bike di Bici-t possono trasportare grossi volumi
Bici-t riders per passione